Standby Generators For Winter Power Outages

cummins standby generator for a house installed in winter

Cummins Standby Generator Being Prepared For Installation By Amp-Trak Controls

How prepared are you for those southern Ontario winter storms that we will soon be experiencing? With many now working from home, there will be some advantage in that they will not have to face the winter conditions on the roads – a big relief for many! On the other hand, this will mean an even more reliance on electricity at home. Working from home means being able to power up the laptops, ensure mobile devices including telephones are charged, and of course, home comfort and heating.

A Cummins Home Standby Generator Is The Answer

When the electricity goes out for a while, which it will – what are you going to do when you absolutely need to get that report done while working at home? Most people may also be spending more time with children at home while schools deal with the pandemic – so you’ll not only have to think about your own work, but the comfort of your children. We all know that winter power outages – which can be caused by a multitude of factors – often take hours and sometimes even days to be fixed. This winter, that can mean:

  • Inability to cook for the family – and what restaurant will you be able to eat out at?
  • Hours of no heating systems available. Where can you gather with others during a pandemic for emergency heating comfort?
  • No power for laundry
  • Inability to get essential work done on time
  • … and many more inconveniences which could become life, health, and safety issues

We understand and that’s why we’ve perfected the process of home standby generator installation – everything from the planning stages including correct selection of backup power for your situation and home, preparing the site, and meeting all standards for safe and efficient generation power for years to come.

We have a great team that are qualified and fully knowledgeable about every step involved in home generator installation, and we deal only with the best generator brand on the market today: Cummins.

You don’t need to face the uncertainties of a long power outage in your area over the winter months. We can help you keep the lights on in your home – but even more than the lights, provide you with an environment that you don’t need to stop living just because the power is out!

Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out which generator is right for your home.


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