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In 2016, the province of Ontario experienced 162 power outages with a total duration of 8,431 minutes (almost 6 days), affecting almost 700,000 people including homes and businesses. Ontario ranked #1 of all provinces for the total number of power outages in all of Canada. 

Our goal is to help you have peace of mind that your household can comfortably get through any power outage with reliable Cummins residential standby power generation.

The QuietConnect™ series offers a wide range of powerful backup solutions. Whether you live in a smaller home with lower backup needs or a larger home where more power is necessary, you need the peace of mind that comes with knowing life can go on normally, and quietly, even when the power is down.

Cummins QuietConnectTM Series

Quiet, Powerful Performance

Some of the Quietest Home Generators in the Industry
Aesthetically Appealing Advanced Enclosure
Remote monitoring and Management with Mobile App
Cost-Saving Fuel-Efficient Engine Operation
Runs on Clean-Burning Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

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Standby Backup Generator Sales & Installation

Would you like reliable standby power whenever the power goes out? Wouldn't be great to give your family peace of mind, no matter how undependable the local electrical utility is? Imagine being able to ensure meals are made, food is  preserved in the refrigerator and freezer, and you can still enjoy your family entertainment even though the power has been cut?

Sometimes, having the power go out is a mere inconvenience, but other times - especially during prolonged outages, having dependable power can mean your health and safety!

AMP-TRAK Controls Ltd has been helping home owners since 1996 and we love knowing they have peace of mind during a power outage. That's why we only deal with Cummins® home/residential standby backup generators.

Installing a standby generator can be a big hassle but we take all the hassle out of it for you. We literally take care of everything from helping you choose the right generator, to delivery, to arranging for the proper site preparation, and of course, installed by certified and authorized technicians.

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Curious about what generator you might need for your home? Try our Generator Calculator - we'll get the results and be able to discuss with you what your standby backup power generation needs are.

Standby Generator Service & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% customer  satisfaction and that includes after the installation of your standby generator whether it's for home or commercial use. If you need service, give us a call 24/7!

Standby backup generators are like anything else with moving parts - they need regular maintenance and we help you with to ensure trouble free service. Contact Us today!

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