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Standby Generator Installation In Toronto

How prepared are you for a long-term (or even short-term) power outage in Toronto? While "Toronto The Good" generally has excellent and dependable utilities, it is not uncommon for power outages that can affect large areas during any time of the year!

Over the past winter, there were a good number of outages including one that affected much of the city for many hours. In the summer, we are often affected by electrical storms that the hot humid weather can cause - and for many home and business owners, this can mean more than a minor annoyance.

Even utility equipment failures at any time of the year can cause major power outages. Recently, thousands of Toronto Hydro customers were affected by three power outages in less than a week, during the month of August.

With a standby generator installed by the experienced and knowledgable teal at AMP-TRAK Controls, you can rest assured that your power will always be dependable no matter the situation that Toronto Hydro is trying to get under control.

Toronto's Leading Standby Generator Installers & Sales

AMP-TRAK Controls has been around since 1998, and we have a very high rate (100%!) of customer satisfaction in standby generator sales, installations, service, and maintenance.

We don't just install the generator either - we first consult with you to determine what your standby power generation needs are, and then our team arranges and manages all the work. It's a full turnkey project, so you don't have to worry about anything.

We take a great deal of pride in our work and service because we know that happy customers will tell others about our high-quality generator installation service. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and marketing.

We Only Sell & Install, Service & Maintain Cummins Generators

We believe in Cummins and their solid design and manufacturing for the best and most dependable standby power generation. That's why they're the only brand we'll install in Toronto area homes and businesses.

Our own experience with Cummins means that you can be sure that the electrical contractors at AMP-TRAK know what to do and do it quickly with any follow up service that is required. Maintenance is important to us as well to keep your mind at ease.

Why Should You Consider A Standby Power Generator In Toronto?

When the power goes out, you've got food in the fridge and freezer to think about, important cooling systems that can't run, and of course, all the other calamities that can occur.

In the winter, without electricity, most heating systems will not turn on and you could be left in the cold if the outage is extended.

A standby power generator gives you peace of mind as well knowing that your family are not struggling during an outage in the Toronto area.

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New! For Toronto - Portable Generators

We're very pleased to announce to our Toronto area  customers that we now carry the Onan line - a brand of portable generators made by Cummins. Dependable portable generators designed with you in mind, whether you need remote power at a job site, or for recreation and play.

These are fantastic portable generators that you can depend on!

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Standby Generator Service & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% customer  satisfaction and that includes after the installation of your standby generator whether it's for home or commercial use. If you need service, give us a call 24/7!

Standby backup generators are like anything else with moving parts - they need regular maintenance and we help you with to ensure trouble free service. Contact Us today!

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