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For all your portable power generation needs - recreational, home, business, and wherever you might need portable power generation - we can help you decide which portable generator will meet your power needs. Lightweight and fuel efficient.

We have three Onan Portable Generators to choose from - all of which are engineered and designed for the juice  you might need and with 21st century portable devices you rely on. View the specs of each one:

Where Are  Portable Generators Used?

Portable generators are used for  many purposes, and in fact can save lives depending on circumstances. For many years, portable generators are a must-have item for home owners, businesses, farmers, and recreational outdoor enthusiasts.

While a commercial or residential standby back up generator is required (and preferred) if  you need to electricity for any and all electrical devices  you might need, a portable generator can be used for powering a limited number of devices.

Portable Generators For Emergencies

Think of the last time you were enduring a power outage and you just really needed the refrigerator to be kept on, or enough power to run your laptop and a couple of lights - a small portable generator could get you through that type of emergency.

In the winter, being able to turn on an electric heater to keep a small space warm when the power goes out could be a life-saver!

Portable Generator For Work Crews

Work crews are often required to get things done in areas where there is no electricity but need to run electrical devices. A modern efficient portable generator will help them get their work done. Often, they might even be working  where there is power, such as new construction sites - but if the electricity is cut for some reason, they can carry on without wasted time.

Portable Generators For Farming And Ranching

Power generation units are often needed in the agricultural sector in order to ensure animal safety, planting, harvesting, lighting when working at night, and many other activities. Often, irrigation requires portable power generation to ensure crops get enough water as they grow.

Often, on some farms and ranches, barns, chicken coops, and other animal protection buildings may require portable generation for heat and light where electricity has not been permanently brought in, or where it may not make sense to do so.

Portable Generators For Camping

Sure, lots of campers love to "rough-it" (or so they claim), but many also enjoy having the ability to plug in some lights, do some cooking with an electric device, or something else that gives a bit of convenience while at the campsite. A small portable generator is perfect for such things, and extremely popular with RVers.

There are a lot of reasons how a portable generator can help you! We've only touched on a few of them - but if you're interested in dependable, efficient, and quiet power whenever you need it, contact us about Onan Portable Generators!

Standby Generator Service & Maintenance

We pride ourselves on ensuring 100% customer  satisfaction and that includes after the installation of your standby generator whether it's for home or commercial use. If you need service, give us a call 24/7!

Standby backup generators are like anything else with moving parts - they need regular maintenance and we help you with to ensure trouble free service. Contact Us today!

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