Portable Power Generation – We Can Help

onan p9500df portable generator

We specialize in installation and service of Cummins standby generators for home and commercial applications – but did you know that we can help you with your portable power generation as well? We can!

Need extra power at your trailer or campsite? Perhaps you need a reliable portable unit for your golf course maintenance. Or, you work outdoors and portable electricity generation that is reliable is important to you.

Introducing ONAN Portable Generators

Onan portable generators are designed to go anywhere that you go and there are several models available. Designed and made by Cummins, they have the same great technology and reliability that you find in the Cummins lineup for home and residential permanent installation generators. They are made to ensure you have power wherever and whenever you need it!

Presently, we have three different Onan portable generator models – there’s one that will fit your needs and circumstances.

Onan P9500df Portable Generator

This 9500 Watt generator uses dual fuel – gas or liquid petroleum (LP) gas which means it has convenience built in. Whatever fuel choice you need or that is available to you. You only need to flip a switch to enjoy the convenience of either fuel types.

It also features remote start for its dependable 13 HP 420 cc OHV 4 stroke engine. A 3 year warranty is included.

Onan P4500i Portable Generator

If you’re requiring something a bit smaller, the P4500i could be the right choice for you. It’s a preferred model by RV and camping enthusiasts – its lightweight at 98 lbs, has a telescopic handle, and is easy to manage. Running at 25% load, you can get 18 hours of continuous power with 3.4 gallon fuel tank.

It’s also capable of charging sensitive electronics including mobile phones, tablets, or anything else that uses USB – the P4500i has two 5V USB ports. Built for today’s technology with your convenience and need for reliability in mind.

Onan P2500i Portable Generator

The P2500i is built with the same dependability as the larger models, but has a reduced weight and size for very easy portability – it can be carried by hand. But even though it is light-weight, it still delivers dependable power with output of 2500 Peak Watts. It will produce electricity for you for ten hours running at 25% load with its 1 gallon fuel tank.

Need to charge sensitive electronics? This model also has two USB 5V charging ports so you can always have devices charged up and ready when needed.

Portable Power Provides More Freedom

A dependable portable power generator can provide you with freedom and the ability to do more things, visit more places, and get more work done – or simply play even harder! Whatever you do, a portable generator can enhance and provide you with safety, convenience, and productivity whether it’s for work, play, or relaxation. Today’s portable generators work harder and more efficiently so you don’t have to.

They’re Onan generators as well – the same dependability you know and trust in Cummins. We put our faith in the Cummins name and reputation and stand behind all their products that we specialize in.

If you need portable power generation, contact us today and we’ll help you get the right unit for your power generation needs.

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