August Power Outages Affect Thousands In Toronto

toronto hydro electric system station d sign

Thousands of Toronto Hydro customers have been affected by major power outages. The outages have occurred in the area that has been traditionally known as East Toronto (before the amalgamation of the other cities within the Metropolitan area all became part of the City of Toronto).

As with all major power outages, they affected both residences and businesses – especially those who have no standby power generators to keep help keep electricity flowing into their premises.

On August 20th, 2019, there were two outages affecting about 8,000 Toronto Hydro customers in the “Leslieville” area, with the largest affecting 6,000 customers in the areas bounded by O’Connor Drive to the north, Danforth Avenue to the south, the Don Valley Parkway to the west and Coxwell Avenue to the east. Almost 2,000 customers in the area bounded by St. Clair Avenue to the north, Danforth Avenue to the south, Main Street to the west and Victoria Park Avenue to the south were affected by a separate outage.

Six days later, on the 26th of August, one large major power outage affected Coxwell to Victoria Park, and just north of Danforth south all the way to Lake Ontario and lasted for approximately 3 hours.

All outages were likely due to Toronto Hydro equipment failures as there were no major weather events in the areas on either of the days.

For those without standby backup power, the experience was likely a frustrating one for residences and businesses. We often expect and get ready for the possibility of an outage during extreme inclement weather, but when the weather is fair, such outages can take us by surprise. This is why so many have counted on AMP-TRAK Controls for their standby generator installation and service in Toronto.

Backup Standby Generator Solutions For Toronto Electrical Outages

There is a solution to avoiding the frustration of power outages in Toronto – and AMP-TRAK Controls can help you with that! With full turn-key installations of Cummins standby power generators, you can rest easy and know that no matter what happens on the electrical grid in Toronto, you’ll not lose the conveniences and necessities that you are used to when the power is on.

Power outages can be caused by many things are not solely weather-related. But regardless of the cause, a standby power generator for residential or business properties will ensure your peace of mind.

A correctly installed and rated generator in Toronto can keep:

  • Your air conditioning running in summer
  • Your heating in winter.
  • Critical medical equipment available and running
  • Alarms and sensing devices working
  • Fridges and freezers running to keep your food free from contamination
  • Essential business communications including PC’s, laptops, and charging devices working
  • And much more!

At AMP-TRAK Controls, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate since 1998 that includes full installation, service, and maintenance. Give us a call and let’s find out if we can help you with peace of mind through the next power outage which is 100% certain will occur!