Severe Weather Toronto Area Power Outages

vector image showing child looking out window beside burning candle and a power outage warning sign

As if COVID has not disrupted our lives enough, a severe warm weather storm including tornado warnings is causing major power outages throughout Southern Ontario. Downed trees and flooding in various areas are causing headaches for clean up crews and those trying to get the power back on. The Province of Ontario is no stranger to weather related power outages – at any time or season of the year.

According to Global News, Mississauga has been hard hit, with fallen trees in at least 5 different areas of the city. Tornado warnings were also in effect for the city, and winds up to 100 km/h were recorded as the heat and humidity hung over the area.

Businesses and Homes Affected

Both homes and businesses are being severely affected by both the damages of the storm and the results that include the wide-spread power outages. It is likely that electrical utility companies will have their staff out for long hours trying to restore power as quickly as possible. Businesses that are open and that have already been hard hit by COVID regulations now face more down time and having to close because they don’t have backup power available.

For many, this will be a time consuming wait as we’ve seen photos of downed power lines caused by trees toppling and sitting on top of the lines.

How Dependent Are You On Electrical Power?

In this day and age and especially so many working from home, more and more people are finding themselves extremely dependent on consistent electrical power. When an outage strikes, it’s not just an inconvenience any more. Gone are the days when you could take the time to relax, light a candle and read a book, or simply have patience. In today’s world, electricity is always important, and even a short outage can be far more than just an inconvenience.

What can you do? – Well, we’ve helped many households and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area with ensuring dependable power even during long periods of utility electricity outages.

GTA Standby Power Generator Installations

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Portable Generators

If you need portable power, we can help with that as well. The Onan line of portable generators are available to suit various situations and requirements when you need emergency or portable power.

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