Orangeville – Planned Power Outage

map of planned power outage for town of orangeville on august 25, 2019

There is a planned electrical power outage that will affect a small part of Orangeville on August 25th, 2019. According to the Orangeville Hydro twitter account, the outage will take place between 6:30AM and 11:00AM.

While it is not a major outage that will affect many of Orangeville Hydro’s customers, it will affect some businesses and residences in the area of the downtown core. On August 23rd, Orangeville Hydro announced the outage and in the tweet, wrote:

“A planned power outage is scheduled for Sunday, August 25th between 6:30AM-11AM. The affected area is pictured below. This planned #Orangevillehydro outage is necessary to upgrade the hydro equipment so we can continue providing you with safe and reliable power.”

They included a map of the affected area which includes the north side of Broadway from 2nd Street, east toward (but not all the way)to First Street, and north to First Avenue. Residents and businesses on the south side of First Street will be affected, as will businesses on the west side of Second Street.

While it may appear at first that most of the area consists of businesses which might not be open during the planned outage, the fact is there are a number of residences consisting of apartments above the shops on Broadway as well as residences and at least one 24/7 business on First Avenue that will see their Orangeville Hydro power go out.

There can be many reasons for electrical utility outages – and often we associate them with bad weather. However, incidents such as these also occur but even when they are planned, they can be a big frustration. Eliminating the frustration with a standby power generator can ease the stresses of worrying about foods in the fridge and freezer, powering air conditioners or necessary medical equipment, and ensuring fully charged devices such as laptops and mobile devices.

Standby Generators In Orangeville – Keep Your Home & Business Running!

Even planned outages can create problems for both residences and business owners. If you weren’t on Twitter or had knowledge of the planned outage, you might not have even known it is going to occur and woken up to a house or arrived at a place of business with no power. Dealing with these situations can be unnerving and frustrating.

However, a generator installed by AMP-TRAK Controls that is properly rated for your electrical usage will provide you with peace of mind and will keep your lights on, your devices working, and your food safe with continued power to fridges and freezers.

Let’s not forget about the coffee maker! Waking up on a Sunday morning to no electricity means no coffee unless you run out to Tim Hortons or your other favourite coffee shop. But we know that most people like to have their morning coffee first thing.

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