Large Power Outage Reported In Caledon & Mono

electricity utility workers repairing power lines

Today, March 10th, 20202, Hydro One is reporting that there is a power outage affecting almost 4,000 customers in Caledon and Mono. According to the Orangeville Banner, the outage is widespread and includes an area “from Castlederg Sideroad between Kennedy Road and Humber Station Road in Caledon, north to Adjala 25 Sideroad including Purple Hill, Hockley Valley and Mono Mills.”

Apparently, the cause is unknown at this time, and Ontario Hydro has begun to investigate with the goal of restoring power by 7:3O PM for all customers in the area.

This could mean that many customers will be without power for several hours, and will need to ensure food safety with regard to refrigerated and frozen food, and deal with the other inconveniences of having no power. Businesses that are affected will also likely lose revenues during the power outage unless they have standby generators installed.

Updates on the power outage may be had by visiting Hydro One’s “Storm Centre” map and clicking on the affected region.

While Hydro One continues to investigate, remember that there can be many different reasons for a power outage including weather, equipment failure, vehicular accidents, and even wildlife. You can read more about the causes of power outages, here.

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