Fish Causes Electrical Outage In Northern Ontario

photo of walleye species of fish

Over the years, we’ve come across a lot of weird reasons for power outages – while weather is perhaps the most frequent cause and the one we think about the most, there can be many reasons for the power to go out.

But a falling fish?

Several days ago, there was a news report of an electrical outage in a part of the city of North Bay, Ontario. While it did not affect a large number of people, North Bay Hydro literally had to “go fishing” to restore the power in the area.

When the repair crew attended the scene, they discovered a walleye fish on a pole-mounted transformer that had caused the outage!

How would a walleye land on top of a pole-mounted transformer? At this time, it’s believed that a bird who had been out fishing for its own meal had dropped the fish while flying which caused damage to the transformer when the fish landed on it.

We do know that walleye certainly make tasty fish dinners and we’re not sure what the hydro crew did with the fish, but it certainly is a weird case of how even wildlife can cause electrical power disruptions to an area.

It goes to show you that when it comes to electrical power on the grid, we live in an undependable world when even a fish being dropped by a bird can cause inconvenience to people with their power going out.

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We can’t help you outfish ospreys, hawks, and eagles, but we can help you make sure the cooking appliances are available when the power goes out.