Are You Ready For Winter Storms?

Southern Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area and outside, can experience some very severe weather conditions during the winter. If you have not already, now is a good time to winterize your home and property and get ready for whatever the worst that old man winter can bring. Many people like to do this in October, after getting the leaves raked up, but of course, some of us also procrastinate on getting ready for the cold months – maybe because we’re not looking forward to it.

Whatever the case, by December it’s a good idea to revisit your emergency plans to be ready for whatever might happen. Everything from heavy snow storms to bitter cold to ice storms that can wreak havoc for days and even weeks on the electricity grid causing long term power outages need to be prepared for.

Have you inspected and freshened up your winter emergency kit? Have you made sure that your first aid kit is well stocked? This should include both in your home as well as all vehicles you might be traveling in throughout the winter. Winter driving conditions can sometimes change in a flash when sudden snow squalls appear out of nowhere, reducing visibility, and no matter how good of a driver you are, you don’t know what the others will do, that might cause you to be stuck for hours.

Preparing your home for all eventualities is vital, especially if you have family members that rely on you. What will they do if the power goes out for an extended time while your not home? What will YOU do if the power goes out for an extended time, and how will you cope? Do you have candles on hand? Fresh batteries for flashlights? How about fully charged power banks for small mobile devices?

What will you do for food if you cannot cook, or you have no power for your fridge and freezer? While winter months allow some flexibility at times, depending on your space, making sure you have reserves of food that won’t spoil if you have to go through an extended outage is important. Of course, if it is cold enough outside, you might be able to keep a few items on your porch during the cold weather.

Our clients are really happy that they can worry less about extended power outages at their homes and places of business. A standby generator that is properly rated for their power consumption gives them peace of mind that while they still might be inconvenienced by extreme weather in other ways, worrying about power outages is low on their list!

Of course, it’s not just winter extreme weather that can cause power outages, but at this time of the year, it’s a pretty big bet that many of us are going to experience that, if we don’t have standby generators installed and that we can rely on.

Are you ready to ensure your home or small business is protected from power outages? Contact us today to find out how we can give you peace of mind!