2019 Quebec April Power Outage

Earlier this month, most of us heard about the enormous power outage that took place in Quebec. While April has us looking forward to spring and summer, the weather in Canada can still be very wintry with snow and ice storms. It was an ice storm that took out the power of over 300,000 customers in the province.

For many of those people, it was also a several day power outage. Global News reported that 2 days after the storm, there were more than 30,000 customers that still had yet to see their electricity restored. This is a large number of people to be affected of course. When your electricity is out for days, things can get really bad with food supplies and other problems that occur during long term outages.

Of course, those who have had a Cummins standby power generator installed don’t have to worry about electrical outages in their homes or small commercial buildings, and installed properly by an authorized dealer. While it is possible to purchase a standby power generator at some hardware shops, the problem is that most people don’t really know what their standby power generation needs actually are. Often they purchase a generator that is too small for their needs and this is one of the reasons why having an authorized dealer to do the job is a big benefit.

When you call us, we can help you figure out exactly what backup power generation you need should a storm hit your area and the electricity goes out. Often, people don’t think of all their electrical needs without talking to an expert. Your electricity use can really add up, especially when you consider things like freezers, computers you might need to use, your laundry area, and more.

What If You Don’t Have A Standby Power Generator?

Everyone should plan ahead when inclement weather is in the forecast. Actually, it’s a good idea to have a plan in place and then review it when bad weather may be approaching. Think about travel plans and your family and pets. What will you do if for some reason you get separated?

Do you have special medical treatments that require electricity? Talk to your doctor about how to deal with an electrical outage so you don’t miss any treatments.

Every home should have an emergency kit which could be used during a power outage of long duration. This should include everything that would go into a first aid kit, but might also include candles for light and some warmth, flashlights, batteries, bottled water, and canned goods of food that does not require cooking. Think of your own “way of life” and what you would want if you had to go through a long period of no electricity.

If you do have canned food, be sure to think about a manual can opener!

If you do use candles, be sure to understand that safety here is also a concern. There are many stories of people using candles and other heat sources when heating is not available and ending up with fires that burned houses down.

You also might want to think about fuel for your vehicle. Often during an extended power outage, even local gasoline stations can be without power, and the pumps are inoperable.

We remember the big power outage of 2003, often referred to as “The Northeast Blackout.” Many people who relied on diesel generators assumed that if the power would go out, they could easily go fill up on diesel to keep their generators running. But because this blackout was so widespread, many service stations simply could not pump gasoline or diesel with their own power being out.

Another thing you will have to consider is your perishable food in refrigerators and freezers.

Having A Standby Power Generator Can Save A Lot Of Headaches!

If you’ve ever been through a major blackout, you already know the stress, tensions, and worries that it can cause. Having reliable power in an unreliable world can ease a lot of the problems associated with power blackouts.

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