Cummins Expands QuietConnectTM Series

In a press release dated December 20, 2017, Cummins announced that they are expanding the QuietConnect Series for both residential standby generators and light commercial generators.

These new generators will be available in early January 2018 and will allow us at AMP-TRAK to even better help you select the best generator for your power standby needs.

These new generators are built to withstand any type of weather that Old Man Winter In Ontario can throw at us. They will easily withstand frigid temperatures below -18C and are also built to handle winds up to 290kmh. In addition to handling the most severe winter weather of Toronto and surrounding area, they can easily operate up to temperatures of 50C – imagine the peace of mind you can have in our climate! Whether it’s windy ice storms, winter power outages, or electrical grid problems in the summer, we’ve got “Reliable power for an unreliable world.”

“The release of RS125 and RS150 reinforces Cummins commitment to providing power that homes and small businesses can rely on when they need it most,” according to George Iarca, Territory Manager for the South Central Region at Cummins.” Our new generators are designed to power up seamlessly when the power goes down, providing home and business owners with a peace of mind that their families and businesses won’t be without lights and heat during the winter months or air conditioning during the summer months.”

Powered by the Cummins QSJ8.9G spark-ignited engine, both the RS125 and RS150 generators are compact with dimensions of 143″ X 140″ X 72″ high, and will be a welcome addition to the Cummins line for both residential and light commercial uses.

AMP-TRAK Controls, an Authorized Cummins dealer can provide you with a full turn-key generator installation for your standby power generation needs, including the new RS125 and RS150 QuietConnectTM models. Contact us today to learn how you can have peace of mind throughout all 12 months of the year.